You want to start yoga but you don’t know which one to choose from the different styles. From gentle yoga to very dynamic yoga, including yoga with goats (yes, there is such a thing!), there is something for everyone.

Here’s a short point on the most popular styles to help you find the right one:



▼ Hatha Yoga :

It is the oldest and most traditional Yoga, but also the most complete. The emphasis is on perfect mastery of the postures, coupled with breathing, but also on meditation. In Hatha Yoga we take the time to explore each posture to appreciate its benefits.

Who is it for? For those who are looking for a gentle yoga combining physical work and relaxation.

▼ Ashtanga Yoga :

It is a traditional and dynamic yoga, composed of 6 series of postures whose difficulty increases from series to series. The postures of each series are always the same and follow each other in a fluid and sustained rhythm.

Who is it for? For those who wish to combine flexibility and muscular strengthening.

▼ Vinyasa Yoga :

Derived from Ashtanga, this yoga is also dynamic but freer and more creative because it does not impose predefined series. Here the teacher gives free rein to his imagination by proposing a personalized and always different flow (sequence of postures). Who is it for? For those who are looking for a dynamic yoga and who love a challenge.

▼ Iyengar Yoga:

Here the emphasis is on the precision of the postures, namely the alignments but also their physical and spiritual exploration. This yoga is also distinguished by the use of many accessories such as straps, ropes, bricks etc… to help and support the students during the postures which can be held for several minutes.

Who is it for? For those who wish to work the postures in depth and improve their flexibility.

▼ Yin Yoga :

Probably one of the most gentle yoga. During this class the postures follow one another at a slow pace and can be held for up to 20 minutes, to bring the student to a total letting go.

Who is it for? For those in search of deep relaxation, and particularly recommended for people suffering from stress and anxiety.


▼ Bikram Yoga :

Very popular yoga on the west coast of the United States, it is practiced in a humid room heated to over 40°. During this class, we do intensive postures at a very fast pace, but above all we sweat!

Who is it for? Reserved for people in excellent physical condition who are looking for a very dynamic yoga. However, this practice is not recommended for those suffering from heart problems.

▼ Kundalini Yoga :

It is a yoga based on Kundalini energy, a primordial energy located within our spine, in the center of the spinal cord, and which circulates from the top of the skull to the bottom of the spine. During this fairly intensive class, postures and breathing exercises are chosen and chained together to make this energy circulate. The goal is to bring the student to a transformation on the physical level but especially on the spiritual level.

Who is it for? For people in good physical condition and in search of spiritual awakening.

▼ Yoga Nidra :

Meditative yoga where the teacher, in the manner of a guided meditation, invites the student to let go completely and to work on his Being. The practice is done lying on the floor in order to reach a state of deep relaxation through breathing and visualization exercises.

Who is it for? For people who are subject to stress, anxiety, sleep disorders… or who simply want a deep moment of relaxation.

▼ Accro-Yoga :

This is a very recent form of Yoga that combines postures with acrobatics and dance. It is practiced with 3 people (the base, the flyer and the spotter) and requires a good physical condition because this Yoga requires flexibility, muscular strength, balance and concentration.

Who is it for? For people in very good physical condition and who are looking for a fun Yoga.

▼ Aerial Yoga :

Also called Fly Yoga or Air Yoga, this acrobatic practice adapted to all levels allows students to link postures coiled up in a hammock or in a large cloth hanging from the ceiling. Feeling of lightness guaranteed! Beware however of dizziness.

Who is it for? For people who wish to overcome their fears, and/or in search of a playful and creative Yoga.

There are still many other practices derived from traditional Yoga and which, for example, mix it with other physical activities, but you now know the main and most widespread ones. So to your yoga mats 🙂