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Yoga & Lithotherapy: using stones and crystals in yoga practice

Yoga & Lithotherapy: using stones and crystals in yoga practice

Yoga and lithotherapy are part of the gentle alternatives to help heal many of the ailments of daily life, whether physical and/or psychological *.

Indeed, yoga is increasingly recommended by doctors to relieve certain symptoms and even to treat certain chronic pathologies such as back pain, migraines, insomnia and many others… And rolling out a yoga mat every day to practice a few postures has become a daily routine for many people in order to feel good and in great shape.

As for lithotherapy, it is now very common to use stones and crystals either by wearing them as bracelets, by placing a small crystal in one’s pocket during the day or by sleeping with a lithotherapy stone under one’s pillow. Indeed, there are many ways to use stones and crystals on a daily basis in order to relieve certain physical and/or psychological disorders.


But have you ever thought of combining the benefits of yoga with the power of crystals? Stones act directly on the different energy centres of our body, and so do yoga postures. Marrying lithotherapy to your yoga practice will amplify the effects of the latter, and will allow you, for example, to accentuate the energetic work on a particular chakra which could be responsible for your symptoms.


How to choose a stone to combine with yoga practice ?

All stones can be used when practising on your yoga mat, but some are more suitable than others. In addition, depending on the benefits you expect, you will need to choose the right crystal for your needs. Ask yourself what you would like to treat, heal or improve in yourself but also around you, and choose the stone whose benefits are able to help you. You can also take a bottle of stone elixir with you.

You can also choose your stone according to your astrological sign. Indeed, each sign of the zodiac is associated with one or more crystals. By choosing the lithotherapy stone(s) corresponding to your sign you will be sure that it will be in accordance with your own needs.

Another option that also works very well is to use your intuition. All stones emit energetic vibrations, which is why we feel the benefits of them. Our subtle senses, like intuition, vibrate at the same frequency as the crystals. So by listening to our intuition, we are sure to make the right choice and to opt for the stones that will meet our needs.

Which lithotherapy stones to choose for yoga ?

To help you in your choice, here is a list of some stones and crystals, as well as their benefits, which can amplify the effects of your yoga postures. Choose the stone (or stones) according to the symptoms you wish to relieve, or according to the chakra you wish to harmonise or according to your astrological sign.

CRYSTAL OF ROCK : it is one of the most powerful stones which is characterized by its capacity to relieve all types of physical and psychic evils in a general way. Linked to the crown chakra and to spirituality, the rock crystal is very much used in meditation and to develop subtle abilities.

On a physical level: it strengthens the body in general and relieves all types of physical problems. It is excellent for back pain, improves intestinal problems and aids digestion. It brings vitality and energy.

Emotionally: it relieves all types of emotional problems and helps to combat stress by bringing comfort and reducing negativity. The rock crystal helps to find inner calm and harmony. It gives self-confidence and a better recognition of oneself. It also promotes self-expression and self-awareness.

On a spiritual level: it is a powerful aid to meditation and concentration. It amplifies energies while keeping negative energies away. It is a valuable aid to the release of energy blockages. The rock crystal contributes to the spiritual elevation and supports the clairvoyance. It also reinforces the action of other crystals and minerals and purifies the aura.

Associated chakras: Crown or Sahasrara (7th).

Associated astrological signs: beneficial for all signs of the zodiac.


  • AMETHYST : This is one of the most common stones. It is easily recognized by its beautiful purple tones. Very soothing and balancing, it is a powerful stone that can bring serenity and relieve many physical and psychological ailments.

    On the physical level: amethyst relieves migraines and headaches. It is effective against skin problems (acne, shingles, burns…), muscular and articular pains, and allows to strengthen the bones.
    On the emotional level: it helps to find psychological balance by reducing stress and anxiety. It relieves insomnia, soothes the mind and calms nervousness. Amethyst helps to find serenity and inner calm. It soothes sadness and grief. It also helps to get rid of addictions by bringing temperance and balancing excesses of all kinds.
    On the spiritual level: amethyst allows spiritual elevation, develops intuition and brings wisdom and humility. It favours concentration and is a precious help during meditation sessions. It is a stone that amplifies dreams and protects against nightmares. It also helps to recharge other stones and crystals.
    Associated chakras: Crown or Sahasrara (7th), Third eye or Vishudda (6th).
    Associated Zodiac Signs: Aquarius (January 21 to February 18).


  • PINK QUARTZ: it is one of the most famous stones. It is said to be the stone of love with a capital A because it relieves all emotional problems linked to the heart. But this mineral also has many virtues on all levels.

    On the physical level: it relieves migraines, headaches and is beneficial in case of fibromyalgia. It promotes healing and soothes burns. Rose quartz reduces wrinkles and fine lines, and also allows a better blood circulation. It is beneficial in case of palpitations, tachycardia and tension problems, and also stimulates the kidneys.
    Emotionally: it helps to rediscover the pleasures and joys of love by helping to develop self-confidence, self-esteem, benevolence and compassion. Rose quartz relieves emotional wounds and improves relationship problems. It calms anxiety, eases tension and brings calm. It also relieves restless sleep and insomnia.
    On the spiritual level: rose quartz helps to find calm and inner peace, brings feelings of serenity and tranquillity. It develops love for oneself and for others, and allows one to forgive oneself and others.
    Associated chakras: Heart or Anahata (4th).
    Associated astrological signs: Taurus (April 21 to May 21).


TIGER EYE: this is also one of the most used stones. It is generally known for its very protective virtues by acting as a shield against negative energies. It is also used to give courage and energy.

On the physical level: it purifies the body, strengthens the metabolism and relieves inflammations. It is therefore suitable for all sports. It helps to heal wounds, especially fractures. Tiger’s eye relieves osteoarthritis, arthritis, rheumatism, and eases joint pain. It supports digestion, guarantees good endocrine function and relieves haemorrhoids.
On the emotional level: it helps to eliminate emotional blockages, calms fears and anxieties. It gives energy and vitality, brings courage and self-confidence, gives feelings of perseverance and will and fights shyness.
On the spiritual level: it protects from bad spells and negative energies by sending them back to the one who emitted them like a mirror. The eye of tiger favours the introspection and helps in the meditation. It also helps to develop intuition and promotes concentration.
Associated chakras: Root or Muladhara (1st) / Solar plexus or Manipura (3rd) / Third eye or Ajna (6th).
Associated astrological signs: Leo (July 23 to August 22) / Capricorn (December 22 to January 20).

How to use stones and crystals in a yoga session ?

Now that you have chosen your stone(s), it is time to practice. And for this nothing could be simpler:

Place the stone in front of or on your yoga mat. Place the stone in front of your yoga mat or on it, so that you can observe the crystal in each posture and connect with it.
Carry the stone with you in a pocket, as a bracelet or pendant. Even if you cannot see the stone, it will be in direct contact with you and you will be able to appreciate its beautiful vibrations.
Hold the stone in your hand. This is especially good for gentle postures that do not require you to hold your hands for a while. You can also hold your crystal in your hands when you are meditating in a sitting posture or lying on your yoga mat.
Place the stone(s) on the chakra(s) you wish to harmonise. This is particularly useful in the Savasana (corpse) posture where lying on your back allows you to place the stones easily on the different energy centres. And to benefit from a global and powerful harmonisation, place a different stone on each of the chakras in order to rebalance yourself in depth.
Place the crystal on the area of the body you wish to relieve or treat. For example, if you have physical pain, place the stone there in meditation or in a posture that allows you to do so, and then bring your attention and breath back to that area of the body to help with the healing.

Now that you know a little more about the use of lithotherapy stones and crystals in yoga practice, try them out in your next session on your yoga mat. If you want to know more about lithotherapy in general, click on this link to read our previous article: “Lithotherapy: meaning and benefits of stones & how to choose them”.

*If you have health problems, pathologies or pain, first ask your doctor for advice. These soft practices are only complements and supports to traditional medicine. So if in doubt, turn first to health professionals.

We wish you a beautiful and inspired practice.


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