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N°1 – “Inspirations” columns : Smile

Smile to yourself.

“Smiling is writing with your face.”

I don’t know her name. I don’t know his reasons. I don’t know his story. What I do know is that when I read it, I was transported. Touched. Inspired. I am inspired by her to write to you. To smile. To smile without forcing myself. Not the ironic, mocking smile, or the judgmental, humiliating smirk on the lips….but the natural, genuine, laugh-out-loud smile. The smile of the eyes. The smile of the heart.

I reflected on this smile. I realized its value. I realised I had already forgotten it. I realised that each of us can choose to reach out for the smile. To laughter, to lightness. To create a space. A space to become light. To gently open up to the cliff of possibilities. Where we can soar lightly in this curious time of ours. To find in lightness the antidote of the moment. To admit that lightness has no precise meaning.
In weightlessness, accept that we do not always know where we are going. Let time continue its oscillation. Release our laughter. Agree that there is no joy without the glow of a smile.

A smile calls for a smile. It can become contagious. But what a beautiful contagion, you might say. We can look at how we can help to lighten the load of another who is in need. Listen. Smiling. Break out of our automatisms. Offer a little fresh air to those who are willing. Stay away from anything that might contribute to division. Seek to respond and spread lightness.

The smile as essential. Absolutely. Absolutely. It nourishes us. We miss it so often. It’s on each of our faces. Some know how to conjugate it. Others think they have forgotten it forever. Yet the smile is always there. Within our reach. It is in the texture of the presence, the look, the silence. It has the scent of love. Without laws, without exceptions. Sometimes ephemeral, always immutable. It leads us to glimpse new landscapes. It lodges itself in the depths of our eyes. It allows us to meet other smiles. It takes us to unsuspected possibilities. It takes us away from conformity. To bring us closer, to cheer us up. Like a companion who waters us, cajoles us, amuses us, unmasks us.

Never far away, with a wink, the smile has the flavour of a delight. Let us then become sowers of lightness, bearers of smiles. For the smile expresses the most beautiful phrase, that of a true universal language.

Good inspiration,

Written by Audrey – BOHEMIA YOGA

Ambassador ▼MYSTIQ YOGA

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