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Yoga postures for stress relief

Yoga postures for stress relief


How to reduce stress through yoga and meditation?


Stress is a problem that is part of our society and our daily lives, linked to emotional overload. This emotional overload impacts our body and mind.

Channelling our stress is sometimes difficult. This is why we sometimes forget to focus on the simplest gestures and habits: slow and deep breathing, a healthy and light diet that gives us energy (see our article on the Yogi diet) and a long and restful sleep.


The problem is that when our stress is too deep-rooted, or too great, these good habits are no longer enough and we need new solutions. Aromatherapy or the fumigation of natural incenses such as Sage or Palo Santo are also good tools for stress reduction. Yoga and meditation can calm our mind and stress. Among the benefits of yoga, this discipline is excellent for stress management and stress reduction as it helps us to stabilise emotionally.


To understand the benefits of yoga, one must first understand the benefits of meditation. Meditation is a practice of slow, deep breathing, focusing on the breath and the state of being rather than the thoughts. Meditation naturally allows us to distance ourselves from our thoughts and emotions that are created by our tumultuous minds. It is like looking at ourselves from the outside in a neutral way. With this distance, we step back and look at them with more detachment, which leads us to accept them more easily and to live our emotions as they are, trying to judge them as little as possible. This practice allows us to let go and accept the fact that we cannot always have control over events.


As for yoga, it is like meditation but it involves the body. It involves both entering into a meditative state with the practice of slow, deep breathing (pranayama) that allows us to refuel and connect to the present moment. It also consists of performing postures (asanas) that stretch, strengthen, soften, relax and relieve our body, thus reducing our stress. Each member of our body is associated with an emotional zone. In the case of stress, it is associated with the upper abdominal area (or sacral chakra). Yoga helps to relieve both the mind and the spirit, but also the physical body, as our body can also suffer from this state of stress. We can also focus our practice on the areas that are more relieving, such as the sacral chakra, which is considered the seat of our emotions. It is therefore important to bring mobility to the pelvic area in order to encourage the circulation and elimination of negative emotions.

5 yoga postures to reduce stress

We have selected five yoga postures to help you reduce your stress :


1/ Child’s pose (Balasana): Posture of comfort and rest which allows to rest and relieve the muscles and to calm the mind, as well as the nervous and lymphatic system

2/ Triangle Posture (Utthita Trikonasana) : Allows you to anchor yourself, offers balance, strength and stress reduction

3/ Bridge Posture (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana) : Stretches the whole body, reducing stress, high blood pressure and fatigue

4/ Pigeon pose (Salamba-Kapotâsana) : Allows to stretch the body by calming the mind and the agitated emotions.

5/ Camel pose (Ustrasana) : stretches the back and opens the upper body

We wish you a beautiful practice of yoga and meditation, in order to find calm and inner harmony.



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