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Yoga and CrossFit

Yoga and CrossFit


Le Yoga

Yoga is a discipline that consists of performing postures by holding them still or by linking them together in a fluid manner, all while concentrating on the breath. These postures involve flexibility, muscles and balance. Yoga leads to calm, inner peace and deepens the breath. The many benefits of yoga are as much physical (development of flexibility, toning and muscling the body…) as mental (living more in the present moment, improving concentration, reducing stress, increasing self-confidence…).


The different types of yoga offer the practitioner calm or dynamism while remaining attentive to the body. The concept of competition or comparison is not part of the yogic philosophy as each body is unique and therefore not comparable. Yoga also aims during the practice to detach oneself from the ego. Yoga is a practice that is linked to the body, mind and spirituality. Nevertheless, everyone is free to adapt their practice to their desires and needs. Some people prefer slow, gentle, meditation-like practices such as Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra, while others prefer dynamic, intense practices such as Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga. Sportsmen and women often practice yoga at the end of a session to replace a stretching session.

Le Crossfit

Crossfit is a very intense practice that belongs to the field of fitness. This practice allows you to gain muscle mass in a rapid manner while burning calories very quickly. It allows you to work out and to surpass yourself physically and mentally. This practice requires a lot of endurance and works the cardio.

More concretely, CrossFit consists of performing a series of exercises in a rapid manner and with little or no break (squat jumps, weight lifting, climbing, etc.). This discipline works all parts of the body and muscles by developing them. The benefits of Crossfit offer its practitioner at the physical level a muscular gain, an important elimination of calories, the evacuation of toxins, a firmer body and a more harmonious silhouette. On a mental level, Crossfit increases self-confidence, develops a sense of community, mental strength and a sense of achievement.

The combination of Yoga and Crossfit

Today, Yoga and Crossfit are two very popular disciplines, which at first glance have little in common. Yoga promotes calm, acceptance, harmony and inner peace, while Crossfit is a very intense invitation to push ourselves, to be strong, to have endurance and to go beyond our limits in order to get the benefits.

Nevertheless, these two disciplines are very complementary and practicing both allows our body and mind to benefit from the many advantages of both Yoga and Crossfit.


To combine yoga and Crossfit, there are different ways to do it. If you are more into Crossfit or want to do more Crossfit than Yoga, you can simply replace your stretching and stretching at the end of your Crossfit session with a yoga session or do some asanas (postures). Doing yoga at the end of a Crossfit session will not only stretch your whole body, but also release the pressure, reconnecting you to your body, your mind and the present moment. It’s a slow, gentle moment that you give yourself while thanking yourself for taking this time for yourself. You can also do a yoga session in the morning, before your CrossFit session. This will allow you to reconnect, refocus and energise before your session.

If you’re more into yoga and want to combine it with exercise such as CrossFit, we recommend doing yoga 2-3 times a week maximum to give your body time to re-energise and rest and recover. You can also add yoga sessions at the end of your Crossfit sessions and then continue with your regular yoga practice. You may want to focus on gentle, slow yoga on days when you are planning a Crossfit session.

Finally, whatever session you choose, remember to stay well hydrated, especially during your physical exertion. You will find glass bottles of stone elixir in our online shop, as well as mats that can accompany you during your yoga and Crossfit sessions.

We hope this article has helped you and we wish you a great yoga and crossfit experience.


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