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How to choose a yoga studio ?

How to choose a yoga studio ?

Practising yoga in a studio offers many advantages to learning. It allows you to be surrounded by a group and to bring a collective atmosphere and movement to your practice. It is a great opportunity to surround yourself with people with whom you will share the pleasure of practicing yoga. Practising yoga in a studio also allows you to have a teacher who is experienced in the type of yoga you choose. This yoga teacher will be able to guide you in your practice and correct you so that you can get the most out of yoga without hurting yourself.

However, choosing the right place to practice (your yoga studio) is not always easy. We have selected a few things for you to think about to help you find your yoga studio.

The type of yoga : The type of yoga you choose depends on whether you want a dynamic or a slow practice. Choose Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra for a slow practice or Ashtanga and Vinyasa for a dynamic practice.

The yoga teacher : The choice of teacher is also very important. It is up to you to see if you feel comfortable with the teacher’s teaching, both in terms of energy and pedagogy.

The studio : The atmosphere, the beauty and the practicality of the studio are also very important. Note whether the studio has changing rooms and showers, or if you have to go back to work right after your session. You can also look to see if the studio is airy, if you have room to practice, if it is bright and if you feel comfortable there. Practising in a yoga studio allows you to cut away from your daily routine and practice in a relaxing place that calms you. Think about all the issues that are important to you.

Price : Yoga studio prices vary widely, so it is up to you to adapt your budget to your practice. Your practice should not become a financial burden and a source of stress.

Location : The location is also important because it must be convenient to get there and the journey must not be a chore and a source of stress. Choose a studio that is close to your home or work and easily accessible.

Your feeling : In our opinion, the most important criterion for choosing a yoga studio is your intuition. We advise you to do a trial session and to ask yourself: Do I feel good in this place, in this atmosphere? Do I see myself coming back to this studio regularly? If the answer is yes, listen to your intuition, provided that the other criteria are also broadly in line with your feelings. For your trial session, bring your yoga mat with you and your accessories if you have them, with a comfortable outfit.

We wish you a great practice in your yoga studio.



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