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Back pain and yoga

Back pain and yoga


The benefits of yoga for the back


Back pain is the most common form of physical pain and has many causes: poor posture, repetitive movements, injury, stress or aging of the body. Many people suffer from it, whether recently or for many years. Contrary to what you might think, exercise is encouraged to help with back pain, including swimming and yoga. As for yoga, there are many recommended postures that allow our bodies to rebalance our spines which are often strained by sitting for long periods of time, or carrying weight without maintaining a straight back.


The practice of yoga provides almost instant relief to our backs, but it is also long lasting and sustainable. These benefits are due to the fact that yoga relieves tension by working on the deep muscles and tissues of our body. The practice stretches and relaxes our backs, toning and strengthening them. Yoga makes us aware of our body and the bad postures we have in our daily life in order to better work on it.


On a daily basis, it is our back that carries the physical and emotional weight of our life, which is why it is important to preserve it. A scientific study has shown that by practicing yoga every day, back pain is reduced or even eliminated. When practising yoga to relieve your back, remember that it is important to never force yourself and to respect your body’s limits. Gradually, your body will relax and become more supple naturally without you having to force it. Especially as this could cause injury.


To treat your back pain, it is important to know exactly where the pain is coming from. This will allow you to focus on the trapezius (upper back), the lats (middle back) or the lumbar (lower back). It is also important to work on other parts of the body in order to work all the muscles and joints and get the full benefits of yoga. Especially as sometimes back pain is due to another problem such as a lack of mobility in the pelvis for example.


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We have selected ten yoga postures for you to do to relieve your back pain :


1/ Hollow back and round back posture

2/ Half bridge posture

3/ Camel pose (attention advanced posture)
4/ Head down dog posture
5 Head up dog stance (beware of advanced posture)
6/ Stork posture
7/ Torsion posture
8/ Posture of the boat
9/ Crocodile posture
10/ Child’s posture

We wish you a great yoga practice for your back.



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