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What is HIIT YOGA?

What is HIIT YOGA ?


What is Hiit Yoga and what are its benefits ?


Initially, HIIT cardio, which stands for “High-Intensity Interval Training”, is a sport training that consists of a series of high-intensity exercises over a very short period (between 4 and 30 minutes).

These are exercises that aim to burn calories quickly in short, regular, very intense sessions (between 20% and 25% more calories are burned than in a muscle-strengthening session). There are not many breaks during the HIIT session and the sequence is fast. It is also a great workout for the metabolism. Practising HIIT also allows us to increase our oxygen consumption and anaerobic capacity.

The practice of yoga, on the other hand, aims to make us aware of our body, of our breathing, it brings energy, mobility, flexibility and suppleness to our body. Mentally, it calms and soothes our mind and balances our chakras by connecting us to both Earth and Heaven. Yoga invites us to be both slow and dynamic depending on the practice.

Although HIIT and Yoga are two very different disciplines, many of the benefits are similar. A yoga session, like a HIIT session, invites the practitioner to take care of his physical, mental and emotional body. HIIT Yoga sessions offer us the benefits of both practices in one session. It allows us to stretch, bring mobility and flexibility to the body while including an athletic dynamic that boosts our metabolism and allows us to burn calories.

How to practice HIIT Yoga ?

To perform your HIIT Yoga session, start by rolling out your yoga mat, then get comfortable. The most common way to practice HIIT Yoga is to do a few slow yoga postures at the beginning of the session to focus on your body and breathing. Then, the postures follow each other in a fluid, fast and dynamic way. We can also stay for a few seconds in postures that engage the muscles of a part of the body such as the thighs, the buttocks or the abdominals while lengthening and stretching our body, which allows us to build muscle and be more flexible. Like HIIT, the postures will be done quickly and intensely for a short period of time, followed by a quick cool down and then the intense sequence of postures. The yoga postures practiced during a HIIT Yoga session remain the same: Head Down Dog, Warrior Posture, Pyramid Posture, Head Up Dog Posture… All these postures are sequenced and sometimes combined with fitness or cardio exercises to add intensity to the practice. During this session, it is important to drink regularly to avoid dehydration. You can bring your glass bottle of stone elixir and your yoga and fitness mat Mystiq Yoga. At the end of the session, we slow down the pace and refocus on our breathing, and we can finish with a relaxation session to thank ourselves and to be aware of the benefits of the session.


We invite you to try this practice if you feel like it, and to take full advantage of the benefits of HIIT YOGA.



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