N°2 – “Inspirations” columns: Knowing yourself to recognize yourself

To know oneself in order to recognise oneself.

This encounter is like love at first sight. It is up to us not to miss it, not to let it pass without paying full attention. It depends on us. Alchemy between getting to know each other and the phenomena of everyday life, the substratum where magnificent flowers bloom. We can meet each other from our experiences. Here and now. It is us, entirely us. In every moment, in every gesture, every word, every look, every thought. Yoga leads us to study our inner book. To observe the mosaic that makes us up. To respect our book.
To find a close, intimate contact with ourselves. To rise to the occasion to be at one’s best.

It is a quest for self-knowledge, for what motivates us and what shapes us. Self-knowledge asks us to look at the stories we tell ourselves. It asks us to realise that these stories create the reality of our lives. Invites us to release the self-perception that can sometimes become false and limiting. Invites us to know our deepest truth. Encourages us to see our experiences as possibilities for growing, experiencing, learning, understanding. Commits us to examine our actions in front of a mirror to observe our conscious and unconscious desires. It is the teaching of oneself to oneself. This teaching is the teaching of our life, as it presents itself to us. The real teaching. The one that goes through our guts. The inaudible teaching that cannot be forgotten, like the dazzling first encounter with oneself. Like a surprising present.

A present without a past. A present where we realise what we are not. Where we understand our position in relation to others. Where we take our place. Where we stop forgetting ourselves. For to forget ourselves is to reject the body, to abandon the spirit.
We can then put ourselves in the position of an observer in relation to ourselves. Learn to feel, to sense. To look inside ourselves to see what is going on. Being both the subject and the observer. Seeing ourselves having ideas, seeing how they transform, how they combine. To watch ourselves being, thinking, acting. As if we were a show for ourselves. A show where we learn to know ourselves in order to be able to recognize ourselves. To study ourselves in order to be reborn.
Self-study is the most beneficial of all studies. The most humble. The most vulnerable. The most admirable. The most courageous. We can study book after book, but if we do not observe ourselves, it will be meaningless. But if we simply observe ourselves, even the smallest study will be meaningful. As the wind blows, we mature. We learn from experience. We understand that there is an indispensable condition to this process of self-observation. That of accepting ourselves. To forgive ourselves. To make peace with what we find most annoying. Because if we don’t do this, observing ourselves in a neutral and non-judgmental way will become a utopia.

Let us learn from ourselves. Let us learn from ourselves. Let us love ourselves.

Good inspiration,

Written by Audrey – BOHEMIA YOGA

Ambassador ▼MYSTIQ YOGA

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