N°3 – “Inspirations” columns : Daring to weave your web

Daring to weave your web

Take your time. Continue on your way. Weave your web. To nestle in the depths of one’s intimacy. Avoid reacting. Preferring to act. Acting to give yourself time to step back. Give yourself the right to feel deeply. To give oneself the possibility of distancing oneself. Give yourself access to the privilege of creating. Give yourself the freedom to start from silence. Give yourself permission to be simple. There lies the splendour of the path in all its banality.

My weaving is based on the apology of slowness. It took me a long time to DARE. To dare to trust only my intuition. To accept from the outset to grope, to make mistakes, to stumble. Dare to explore the uncertainty of new avenues. To tolerate doing it one step at a time. Dare to sing my song to others. To tell my story through words. Dare to embrace quality. To disunite myself from quantity. Dare to show my vulnerability. To distance myself from those who trample on the flowers. Dare to perceive the abundance of the almost nothing. To decide to go with the flow. To move away from stagnant waters. Dare to cultivate the ecology of action… to unite my heart in harmony with those who walk towards forgiveness.

It is often at the turn of a dark chapter in our lives that we dare. We dare to become available to that other. We move from darkness to light. This is what clouds are for.

Good inspiration,

Written by Audrey – BOHEMIA YOGA

Ambassador ▼MYSTIQ YOGA

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