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The benefits of Yin Yoga

The benefits of Yin Yoga


What is Yin Yoga ?

Traditionally, Yin Yoga comes from Taoism between 500 and 200 BC. Yin Yoga is a slow yoga practice that invites you to hold each posture long and deep on your yoga mat. These postures last between 3 and 5 minutes and allow the body to relax completely and enter a meditative state. In this same state, Yin Yoga works the connective and passive tissues: joints, skeleton, cartilage and ligaments. The word “Yin” comes from the Yin and Yang symbol in Chinese philosophy. Yin represents feminine energy, slowness, softness, intuition and passivity. It is a cold, nocturnal energy and is connected to the element of water and the moon. In opposition, the Yang represents masculine energy, vivacity, action, audacity, strength and dynamism. It is a warm energy connected to the fire element and the Sun. These two energies are the two polarities of the same base. Yin Yoga offers slow, gentle and relaxing sessions that conform to the soothing energy of Yin.

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What are the benefits of Yin Yoga ?

The benefits of Yin yoga are numerous. This practice is open to both beginners and advanced practitioners and invites relaxation and letting go. The slow and deep postures allow the relaxation of our connective tissues (joints, ligaments, skeleton and cartilage). Other more dynamic practices, such as Ashtanga Yoga, work on the superficial tissues, such as the muscles, and are considered Yang Yoga.


The practice of Yin Yoga brings a better energetic but also physiological circulation (blood and lymph) which allows a real detoxification of the body. It calms and soothes the mind because the postures must be held for a long time and in an immobile manner while remaining attentive to the present moment. Yin Yoga also helps to gain flexibility and mobility as it targets the deep and connective tissues, which brings a general increase in flexibility. It also offers its practitioner an improvement in the quality of sleep and reduces stress. It also helps to release blocked emotions anchored in the body because better physical mobility allows the emotions to (re)circulate freely. Muscle tension is also relieved as the muscles become more elastic.

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How to practice Yin Yoga and which yoga props to use ?

The aim of Yin Yoga is to work on the body, heart, mind and breath in depth. This is why Yin Yoga postures are long (between 3 and 5 minutes) and can sometimes last up to 20 minutes. Yin Yoga, like the practice of all other types of yoga, should never hurt, but it is common to feel discomfort in certain postures, but never pain. It is necessary to let the body relax gradually and naturally to stretch the deep tissues. But also take the time to breathe slowly and deeply to accompany the movement and deepen the posture. Once the maximum amplitude is reached in the posture, it must be maintained in the greatest immobility while continuing to breathe slowly and consciously. Most of the work will also be done in attention and concentration, which must be optimal in order not to let the mind wander while holding the posture.

If the posture hurts, you have to come out of it slowly. To help you in this practice, it is therefore important to be as comfortable as possible and to use yoga props.

Yoga blankets are ideal for Yin Yoga as it is a practice that often cools the body and in which you remain still for several minutes. Bolsters are ideal props in Yin Yoga postures (asanas) because they release tension, promote relaxation and allow us to enter and stay in the postures longer. You can use a yoga bolster in the child’s pose, the sphinx pose, the angel pose… Yoga cushions or Zafu are also great Yin Yoga props for sitting poses like lotus, half lotus or butterfly. Yoga bricks can be used as a support to elevate certain postures, while yoga straps allow you to stretch your body without hurting yourself.

During your Yin Yoga practice, remember to stay hydrated by using a glass bottle.

Please feel free to browse through our online shop and check out our glass bottles of stone elixir (Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Obsidian, Rock Crystal and Citrine). Yoga mats, yoga straps and yoga bricks are also available to accompany you in your practice.


We wish you a wonderful discovery with Yin Yoga, Namasté.

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